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ACE Spotlight: Claire Tupper

Skylor Andrews | 9.22.17

A new school year means new blog posts! This year we will be running a monthly feature on our Advocates for Community Engagement (ACE). Each ACE will be spotlighted, giving them a chance to showcase what they’re passionate about and who they are!

In this September edition, I got in touch with Claire Tupper, a senior biology, neuroscience, and French triple major, who focuses on Immigrant and Refugee Concerns, as well as Healthcare.

Skylor Andrews: What do you do for fun?

Claire Tupper: I love to just sit and watch some TV with my roommates, hang out with my sorority sisters, or go to a local coffee shop!

SA: What activities or events have you (or will you) helped/planned/facilitated as an ACE?

CT: Last year, I also worked as an ACE for education, I planned a couple of events with Gigi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome achievement center. This year, I am currently planning a panel for the FYS program on the refugee/immigrant experience in the United States. I will be planning some translation help with the Catherine McAuley Center as well throughout the year.

SA: What drew you to your area of interest? How did you get involved with it?

CT: I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field, so that interest just followed naturally. However, I didn’t know much about refugee/immigration concerns before coming to Coe. During my sophomore year, I completed an Iowa College AmeriCorps Program term through the Catherine McAuley Center, which meant over 300 hours in that year, and in that time I absolutely fell in love with the people and the work I was doing, and I’ve continued volunteering there each week ever since.

SA: What does service-learning mean to you?

CT: To me, service-learning means exactly what it says: serving the community around you, while learning from the experience. It means applying what you’ve learned in the academic setting to the world around you to make the community a better place.

SA: What advice would you give to someone looking to get involved with your area of interest?

CT: Come see me! Reach out to myself or anyone in the Community Engagement office! We can easily get you involved at the Catherine McAuley Center if you’re interested in refugee/immigration concerns or at Mercy [Hospital] or St. Luke’s Hospital if you’re interested in healthcare, but if you want more, then we can try to tailor something to your specific interests.

SA: What is one takeaway you’ve learned from your experience with the Office of Community Engagement, volunteerism, and/or service-learning?

CT: Be grateful. I’ve realized how blessed I am to even have the opportunity to be attending college because there are so many people who will never get that chance. My takeaway has been to be grateful for everything I have in my life each and every day.

SA: Anything else you’d like to share?

CT: Some of my favorite things! I love the color yellow, coffee, rom-com movies, romantic books, volleyball, yoga, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the Boston Red Sox, Tri-Delta, the French language, and the Bachelor series!

For those looking to contact Claire about opportunities to get involved, you can email her at [email protected]

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