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Event Spotlight: We Are MOUND VIEW Neighborhood Clean-Up

The We Are Mound View Clean-Up Event happened on Sunday, September 27, 2015 in the mid-afternoon. We were joined by 105 Mt. Mercy and Coe Students, Faculty, and Staff as well as members of the local Mound View Neighborhood. Together, we gathered to collect almost 30 bags of trash and 20 bags of recycling from the streets, alleyways, and parks around the Mound View neighborhood. To tell you more about the experiences of participants at the We Are Mound View Clean-Up, we have invited a member of the community and a Coe Student Team leader to share with us some of their favorite moments.

Merrill Miller (Coe College Junior, Team Leader)

Describe why you chose to participate in the We Are Mound View Clean-Up Event. Also include why you wanted to be a team leader please.

I choose to participate in the We Are Mound View Clean-Up event because I felt I could give back to the community.  I have actually not helped with any of these projects before at Coe and I thought that since I’m a junior, I felt like it was my time to give back to the community.  I also felt that I have a good amount of knowledge about the neighborhood from living in the community and what goes on by following media reports.

What was your favorite part about participating in this year’s event?

I think the part that I enjoyed the most was seeing a bunch of people from the community gathered to take on one large task.  Honestly, no one likes cleaning up trash, even our own that we produce, but it’s the fact that all of those people were there together made it more special to the community and the people who live within it.  It’s certainly not a glamorous job, but inside we all know we feel good about helping even in the smallest way possible.

What would you tell students looking to participate in a service activity like this in the future?

It’s not about picking up trash necessarily.  It can be gross and even dangerous depending on the material, but it’s about achieving a bigger goal than that of any individuals.  A lot of people in the community don’t have much and helping out in even the smallest of ways helps quite a bit.

unnamedCarol Sindelar (Mound View Neighborhood Association President)

What was your favorite part about participating in this year’s event?

Seeing and remembering people I met last year. When two young neighborhood kids came by the garden with a grocery bag.  Their mother had sent them to collect some vegetables for the family.  The clean up participants got to see how the garden works and how it helps.

Was any information passed along to you during or after the event from the community members about their experiences?

It was encouraging as we returned home  and students returned to their campus, chance encounters lead to continued conversation.  We were no longer strangers sharing a space.  We were closer to all being neighbors.  “Remember, I was on your team last year!”  “Hey, we went by your house again this year!”  Great event !!! And the garden team got to introduce some students to the bounty being grown.  There is salsa makings in the garden!  Tomatoes, onions, hot peppers and Cilantro!  Who knew?

What do you believe was the biggest contribution made by participants today?

There are so many!

The Office of Community Engagement would like to thank our participants in the We Are Mound View event one last time as well as Carol and Merrill for sharing their experiences. We will see you all out in the Mound View neighborhood again this Spring!

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