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ICAP Spotlight: Mission of Hope


Katty Perrell, ICAP

Class of 2015

Psychology and Theatre Major at Coe College


Why did you decide to become an ICAP?

“I wanted to help. I always thought it was a really cool program.”


How did you choose Mission of Hope?

“When I applied I was kind of focused on homelessness. I was living in New York City for that semester, and I saw that all over. But when I got back here, I kind of wanted to do theatre. So, my focus has kind of shifted.”

“When I visited, they were so nice. They’re just really sweet people. It’s a nice place to be.”


What do you do at Mission of Hope?

“I do film editing there. So, I am going through ten hours of film. The first video just got released today [February 16, 2015]. So, I do a lot of cutting and splicing videos. I had a film editing internship in New York, and I didn’t need any experience. So, I learned it while I was working there.”

“I started off really on my own. Then I got tired of sitting in a room all the time. So, I started going downstairs more, and I’m getting to know everybody. It’s going alright. It’s a different perspective.”

Check out Katty’s first video!

What are the videos about?

“The first one is about who they are and what they do. It’s kind of just an introductory video. From there, the executive director wants me to do more success stories. I would also like to film some more videos that are more recent, because these are from over a year ago.”

What have you learned from this experience?

“It taught me how to get along with people I probably never would have talked to in my life and just keep an open mind. You can apply anything that you learn from school in some way. There’s a lot going on at non-profits that you don’t imagine. I had no idea that they would want or need film-editing. It’s cool that there are a lot of different ways to help out. The people are constantly teaching me. They are so nice there. I have kind of a negative view about how people naturally are, so it’s nice to see some naturally nice people. It’s hard to meet people like that. They treat everyone they encounter like people. They don’t treat the homeless like lesser.”



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