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ICAP Spotlight: Shannon Zelek

Working in the Office of Community Engagement

My name is Shannon and I am a current member of the Iowa College Americorps Program (ICAP). My primary site for completing my ICAP hours is the Office of Community Engagement at Coe. While most of you have heard of it – because this is the blog for the office, there are probably things that go on here that you don’t know about. That’s a lot of what I do in the office – the unknown or unseen things.

I am one of the main contributors to our Facebook (/CoeCommunityEngagement) and Twitter (@CoeCommEngage) pages. This includes reaching out to students who are featured as Service Spotlights as well as our new ICAP features. I communicate with a lot of different people in order to find out who is doing service and should be recognized in order for it to not be biased. Within this, I also help to create the graphics that are then displayed on our social media outlets as shortened versions of the features.

The Office also helps plan the We Are Moundview Clean-Up events, which I have been lucky enough to help plan starting last fall and am just beginning to work on for Spring. This is a group effort between the staff of the Office, a representative from Mt. Mercy, and the Moundview Neighborhood Association President. Last semester, I was the only student involved from start to finish in the planning process, but we couldn’t have been successful without the student volunteers from both Mt. Mercy and Coe the day of the clean-up.

Recently, I’ve been helping to arrange the overnight volunteers at Willis Dady Emergency Shelter. Each Monday and Tuesday night, someone from Coe stays overnight at the shelter in order to save the organization money on paying their staff. Since we began this program in late 2014, we have helped them to save thousands of dollars. If you, or a friend, ever need volunteer hours, please reach out to us in the office for a potential overnight at Willis Dady. You can bring homework or Netflix, as well as sleep.

The last thing that I have enjoyed working on within the office is the newly developed Ambassadors program. This is something that is starting with the ICAPs and moving forward this semester. The seven of us have had equal contribution on what we think is important to include within the program. It’s been a unique experience forming this group and I’m really excited to work with this group to make even more of a difference.

–Please reach out to the Office of Community Engagement if you want to become more engaged with the community.


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