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Service Spotlight: Nathan Kibler

My name is Nathan Kibler and I am involved with a a few organizations on campus. I am the PR chair of Habitat for Humanity and President of E-club. I also am a member of residence life as an RA. I try to be as helpful as I can with the clubs I am involved in, trying to improve my campus and my community.

-What impact do you think you have on the people associated with the organization?

I believe the impact I have on the groups I am involved in, is making the experience fun. I strive to have people enjoy themselves while helping the community. I try so hard to do this so members are more willing and even want to come back to help the community further.

-How did you get involved in this type of service?

When I was a freshman one of the things I wanted was to be as involved with the campus and community as possible. Therefore, I joined all the clubs that interested me. I tried out each one testing which ones I felt would be the best fit for me and stuck with those. I wanted however to try out all these other clubs first so I wouldn’t miss any opportunities.


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