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Service Spotlight: Patricia Ochs

First, I am a Big Sister at Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have been mentoring since the beginning of December and my Little’s name is Logan. He is 7 years old. So far, we have went and eaten pizza, gone to The Peanuts Movie, talked to prospective members of BBBS [at] a fundraising event at Culvers with the Cedar Rapids Roughriders, and have gone to AirFX for a BBBS event. Next weekend we will be attending a game for [the] Cedar Rapids Rampage. Even in the little time I have spent with Logan, it has been very rewarding. Not only is Logan getting to go out and do things in the community, I am meeting new people and experiencing life through the eyes of a 7 year old.

I am also a volunteer for Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity. My title is “Development Committee member.” Basically that entails helping CVHFH figure out how to raise funds in the community so they can obtain materials to build homes for people in need. I just joined a week ago, but I have helped my good friend join the group, have met extraordinary people, and am learning about new opportunities and locations this could lead me to.

Another event I helped at is the Ronald McDonald House with other Coe students. We cooked a big delicious meal for the families who are sleeping there. We spent a few hours baking everything from scratch then cleaning up. I can’t stress enough how thankful the people are who get help. Every little bit counts.

As a prior military service member, we are taught to put others before ourselves. I encourage each of you to look at the bigger picture and see if what you’re doing today is helping better mankind. If there is anyone who would like to get involved in any activities, please feel free to contact me by phone or email. Each event may not seem that important, but I can promise you it means the world to the people who receive it!

–Keep up the great work Patricia!

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