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Service Spotlight: Robert Rajic

Warm Clothes Drive
My favorite part about doing this service was that only a few weeks ago it was simply an idea. With the help of the Community Engagement Office and the Coe community I was able to make that idea into a reality. It is very inspiring for me to see the large outcome and feedback from the Coe community. Before I knew it, many people were asking me how they could help out! We had over 50 jackets, over 50 sweaters, and numerous miscellaneous items such as scarfs and gloves!
The great thing about all this is that it went somewhere where it was much needed. Just yesterday (January 4th) I made a call to see how the distribution has been going and the Harambee House notified me that all of the Warm Clothes from the Drive have been distributed to those less fortunate. This has made a significant impact as just a month ago before the Warm Clothes Drive, Harambee House told me that it was denying people Warm Clothes for the winter because they did not have any to disperse.
One day I was walking back to my dorm during a really cold day and realized how lucky I truly was that I had adequate clothing and heating. I right there decided to try to make and impact in Cedar Rapids for those that are less fortunate and have to go through this winter without adequate clothing.
I want to thank all of those that helped make my idea into a great service and also all those that were able to help out, you all have made a great impact.


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