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Witty Kitties

Vision: Our ultimate goal is to find a permanent home for each and every kitty staying here.  We hope you’ll take some time to browse our site and learn more about these very special animals

What to Do: Just want to hold and pet a kitty for a while?  This is the place to do it!  Do you enjoy grooming cats?  Some of our kitties just LOVE being brushed, but there never seems to be enough time.  Maybe you could help!

Want to burn some calories and do some serious cleaning?  We have plenty of mops and buckets.  Fold some laundry.  Scoop some litter.  Sweep one of the kitty rooms.  Every little bit helps and is always appreciated.

Saturday mornings are the best time to just “drop in” — otherwise please send us an email to arrange a time.

Location: 3133 Roberts Ferry Rd  Solon, IA  52333

Distance: 20 minute drive

Contact: [email protected]


Volunteer Website: